Sistas: the Musical- A Review and Giveaway!

By Michele Iallonardi June 16, 2014
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Last weekend, my dear friend and I had the pleasure of seeing Sistas: the Musical.   What a wonderful way to spend my Sunday! The show was so beautiful in every way.

Sistas is a story of five unique and strong women, who bond together as they prepare to bury the matriarch of their family. As I watched them sort through Grandma's attic, I went through all of the emotions with them. I literally laughed and cried throughout the show.  Each actress was so incredibly talented, and sang with such passion, that you could truly feel their joy and pain as they told their stories through song.

I was so moved as I watched the women share their
 pasts and reflect upon the history of African-American women.  Sistas included so many classic and favorite songs, that the audience often chimed in and sang along.  The energy in the theater was empowering! Songs included "Oh, Happy Day," "Mama Said," "I Will Survive," "Tyrone," "I am Not My Hair," "All the Single Ladies," "RESPECT," and so many more.   

Playing at St. Luke's Theatre, Sistas is in a great location with so many restaurants within walking distance.  Sistas: the Musical is showing every Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm.  A perfect time to plan a day with your loved one.  This show will appeal to everyone-- your girlfriends, your spouse, your family-- they will love it.  

I highly recommend this show to everyone!  Not only does it have such an incredible message, but the beauty and talent of the cast should not be missed.  To purchase tickets, visit  Or enter using the link above.  For Official Contest Rules, Click Here.  

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