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Creativity has never been so easy!

August 23, 2019

As a mom to school-age kids, I never seem to be able to find enough hours in my day to accomplish everything on my neverending list. In addition to shopping for school clothes and school supplies, I also like to print a "first day of school" image for our traditional first-day pictures, find a little gift for my children to give to their new teacher on the first day to "break the ice," and help them with a card for their new teacher. Plus we need to figure out our daily routine and schedule and get back into the groove of our school year. With these added tasks looming for many other families, I am excited to share with you how Macaroni Kid Printables jumped in to save the day for me again! 

From first-day-of-school printables to lunchbox notes, to a daily routine checklist, and more, Macaroni Kid Printables helps to make this time of year not only super fun, but easier on parents at the same time. Get access to an entire library of curated printable stationery products for just $29.99 for a full year. Not ready to commit to the full year? No worries! A monthly subscription is available for just $4.99 a month, or you can even shop by the piece and use promo code 20OFF1180 to save 20% off any "per piece" purchases

Check out these fun lunchbox notes and daily routine checklist!

And these fun first day of school printables!

How it works:

  1. Subscribe or Purchase by the Piece: Purchase items you love or subscribe for $4.99 per month, or save big with an annual subscription for just $29.99 and you'll get access to our entire library of customizable, printable stationery, with up to 8 new designs each month, valued at over $840 a year! 
  2. Download: Once you are a subscriber, choose the designs you love and download them directly to your computer.
  3. Customize and Print: Customize if desired using a pdf editing program and print on one of the paper or label products suggested on our How it Works page.

See how easy that is? Sign up today for just $29.99 for a whole year of unlimited access to curated printables, plus new designs each month! ($4.99 per month for monthly option OR by the piece and save 20% off any "per piece" purchases with promo code 20OFF1180 Imagine planning a birthday party and just logging in and printing up the coordinating fun. Or creating childhood magic for the kids with tooth fairy printables and Christmas printables. Or using holiday printables to make holidays even more special and fun, all for about 8 cents a day with an annual subscription. Macaroni Kid Printables is your go-to source for turning moments into memories. Creativity has never been so easy! Sign up for Macaroni Kid Printables Click here today. Just click here Click here.

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