Packing Healthy Emergency Snacks

By Jessica Newcomer, Publisher of Macaroni Kid York - January 17, 2020

Do you carry emergency snacks? I do. I almost always have an emergency snack on hand just in case our day doesn't go as planned. Maybe our appointment runs over, or there is traffic,  or we get sidetracked. Chances are when that happens, at least one of my children will say, "I'm hungry!" Instead of scouring for convenience food to purchase, I just pull out our emergency snacks which lately have been Slammers Superfood Snack

Slammers are snack pouches that are USDA certified organic, have no added sugar, and no artificial colors or flavors. Plus, they are packed with healthy fruits, vegetables, and vitamins and taste delicious! Both of my children love Slammers, which is a win for me. Plus, they fit perfectly in my bag and are a handy snack for on-the-go and snack emergencies. 

Our two favorite flavors are AWESOME and EPIC.  

💥 AWESOME is full of bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai, amaranth (a highly nutritious gluten-free grain) and contains no refined sugars, added colors or artificial flavorings.
💥 EPIC is a delicious blend of mangoes, bananas, oranges, carrots, Greek yogurt & real vanilla with no added sugar or artificial flavorings.

Slammers also offer 2 varieties that have 7 grams of protein, Pomegranate Grape Crush, and Watermelon Kiwi Burst. I love that it's a cinch to serve my kids an extra boost of protein. 

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Slammers is a sponsor of Macaroni Kid, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.