National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

By V. Garcia March 17, 2020

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Education is often a linear experience. How can we immerse our children in an experience while teaching them about the importance of preserving our planet. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is a must visit exhibit in the heart of New York City, Times Square. 

Journey with your friends and family on this walk-through adventure across the Pacific Ocean, where you’ll see, hear and feel what it’s like to live under the sea. Groundbreaking technology and stunning photorealistic animation transport you to a battle between two vicious squid, a luminous coral reef at night, and more of our ocean’s most spectacular and extraordinary moments.

I attended this exhibit with my 9 year daughter. From the introduction showcased on large screens to the tour guides that guide you through each section of the ocean with informative facts and instruction’s on how to interact with each area. Some of my daughter’s favorite parts included the playful seals and the epic battle in deep dark sea. 

The tour ends in a room dedicated to educating the public on conservation efforts,  breathtaking stories from National Geographic photographers and explorers,  gaming challenges, and showing us how to become a true champion for our seas every day.

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A portion of the proceeds from your ticket purchase supports the National Geographic Society’s nonprofit work in conservation, exploration, research, and education.