Around the town: Sweet Soul Bakery

By V. Garcia March 17, 2020

Around the town: Sweet Soul Bakery 

I have been a lover of sweet treats for as long as I can remember. Enjoying a cookie, donut or brownie brings a spark of joy. But as I have gotten older being aware of what I am putting into my body , including yummy treats is at the forefront of my mind. As a society the mindset is shifting. Allergies, gut health and finding a healthy balance is important to people. 

The supermarket shelves and online stores are full of all different alternatives based on your dietary needs. But what is good? And just because it is good for you does not mean it tastes good. All this searching and trying new things led me to look in my local community. Was there any place making those sweet treats I crave with a healthy positive spin on indulging?

The answer is yes. I found Sweet Soul Bakery located in St. James. Sweet Soul is a beautiful store front with a warm and inviting presence. I visited the shop on a Saturday afternoon and was immediately struck by the ambiance. The staff greeted me and were on hand to answer any questions I had. They offer soup of the day almost daily. The glass case is filled with perfect looking donuts and the section below had brownies and blondies, cheesecake and mousse all perfectly packaged in containers with their memorable logo. 

I had the chance to sit down with co-owner Michael Strahl. Michael shared how he met his partner Pat Charity and how she is the master chef behind all of the shops delicious offerings. 

Michael Strahl and Pat Charity, co-owners of Sweet Soul Bakery, are on a mission to reinvent the way society views veganism, one baked good at a time. Their mission is totally sweet and inclusive of everyone, not just vegans. That's the cool thing about Sweet Soul; it's not a "people who eat vegetables thing," it's a "people who love dessert thing." In one of the places who sell Sweet Soul baked goods, they didn't even feel the need to label it as being vegan; the food was naturally so appealing to anyone in the store. During my visit to the St. James store front I was able to spend some time in the company of customers new and returning and hear them rave about their favorite items. The knowledgeable staff was on hand to answer any questions customers had. 

If you happen to be riding around town and are in the mood for a truly sweet treat that will feed your soul as well as your stomach, then look no further than Sweet Soul Bakery in St. James.