Healthy Kids Running Series

First run of the series is October 3rd!

By V. Garcia September 13, 2021

These days we want to be able to encourage our kids to get involved (even though we all want to be careful) we need to find ways to keep them engaged, happy and healthy. Healthy Kids Running Series is a local organization offering running series for ages 2-14. Macaroni Kid is excited to have this dynamic group share more inforamtion about themselves to you!

Healthy Kids Running Series

We are …

Healthy Kids Running Series is an all inclusive, national, community-based non-profit that provides a fun, inclusive five-week running series for ages 2-14, designed for kids to get active, feel accomplished and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

What We Do …

We engage communities and families by providing an inclusive youth running experience, inspiring kids to believe in themselves and lead an active healthy lifestyle.

We offer a fun, inclusive hour-long race event that is focused on the kids, benefits our families, and creates meaningful relationships in our communities. 

Our Beliefs …

We believe in fun. We believe in an active, healthier generation of kids. Part of an active healthy lifestyle is getting out from behind gaming consoles and other screens and playing outside. Whether it’s running or another outdoor activity, we want to get kids moving. 

We believe that sports, particularly running, teaches lifelong values. The challenge of running and racing builds a foundation for confidence and accomplishment. It espouses the values of effort, perseverance, persistence, sportsmanship, independence and grit. Together, these inherent challenges combined with the learned ability to overcome those challenges builds self-esteem.

We believe the growth of our mission and program will yield a healthier generation of active kids. 

We believe in family and community. 

We believe that building each other up and supporting one another, at our races and beyond, is empowering. Supporting others and treating others the way they want to be treated is paramount. 

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